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19 Ağu 2015
Tepkime puanı
Mips Vuplus Levi45 Multicammanager For All Images (second generation vuplus boxes)

After receiving lots pm decided to go back to V2.1, but all re organized . If you have V3.0 or V3.1 please delete them or use fresh image to use this version. But if you have version 2.1 you can go a had install this V4.0 new version.

As you know you can check news via Levi45 Emu/keys Updater

When new emu available first thing you need to do is go to levi45 emu/keys updater and select 1-Levi45_Mips_Script_updater When is finished your box will reboot it self

After reboot you will see 2-Levi45_Mips_Emu_updater when you select that it will update emus and keys to latest after progress finished your box will reboot again it self

upload img

New V4.0 added to first post .After receiving lots of pm decided to go back to V2.1, but all re organized .Please read instruction how to use.

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All my files for test purposes only . vuplus-team.com-levi45multicammanager-emu-keys-updater_Mips-4.0_all.ipk
8 MB Download https://www.sendspace.com/file/rs5w86