☆☆DREAMBOX☆☆ TSimage 5.0 DM7080 [OE2.5]


2 Mar 2017
Tepkime puanı
[OE2.5] TSimage 5.0 Image dm7080

**TSimage_5.0 server updates**
**Managed by colombo555**
**Thanks to tounsi9_4 for the server**
26 Nov 2016 (git opendreambox)

update dm520/dm525 hardware drivers
- fixed sporadic dead locks
update dm520, dm525, dm820, dm7080 hardware drivers
- improved CI detection (dm525)
- add support for more dm525 variants
- si2166b/si2169c driver update (dm7080, dm820)
- improved tuner detection (dm7080)
recovery-web: update to 1.0.3

27 Nov 2016 (TSimage)

update enigma2-tspanel to 3.5-r1.0
25 Nov 2016 (git opendreambox)

enigma2: update to 4.3.0r22 for mips32el
- Implement a "async uri resolving" proxy service technology called "eServiceUri/eUriResolver"
- Please see http://dreambox.de/board/index.php?p...threadID=21305 for details
- Text-Labels will now fall back to "edge" align when centering would cut off both ends.
- The default is top for valign="center" and left for halign="center"
- You can change this by using valign="centerOrBottom" / halign="centerOrRight" in your skin
- Fix crashes when streaming services with SDT data
- Rework default configuration generation
- Fixed StartWizard quitting when pressing 1..4 outside the VideoWizard
- Remove the modem plugin
- Multiple Browser and HbbTV fixes and performance improvements
- Fix StreamServer setup crashing after frame rate changes
- Allow entering Standby from open choiceboxes and channelselection
- Update default bouquets
- Minor skin improvements
- Fixed a possible crash on shutdown with visible MMI screen
- Add dm900 support
- Fixed Mediaplayer flac handling
enigma2: update to 4.3.0r22 for cortexa15hf-neon-vfpv4
dreambox-dvb-modules: update drivers for dm900
enigma2-hbbtv-plugin: update to 1.2r0
Updated upstream Git repositories

26 Nov 2016 (TSimage)

set enigma2-skin-ts-metrixfhd 1.0-r17.0 as primary skin
port enigma2-tspanel from TSimage_4.0 to TSimage_5.0 feed (packaged as 3.5-r0.0)
port extra-plugins from TSimage_4.0 to TSimage_5.0 feed
port ts-skins from TSimage_4.0 to TSimage_5.0 feed



2 Mar 2017
Tepkime puanı
08 Nov 2017 (git opendreambox)

enigma2: add hotfix to prevent crashes on enigma2 start with empty tuner slot(s)
enigma2 4.3.1r20
update dm900 hardware drivers
enigma2: 4.3.1r19
update dm52X hardware drivers
meta-games: update srcrev
enigma2: enable Si2169D multistream support, allow auto modulation for BCM45308X
meta-games: update for dm920, compile fix
tpmd: update for dm920
Updated upstream Git repositories
python-backports-lzma: import from meta-virtualization
meta-games: bump srcrev
bcmdriver: update dm920 tarball
linux-dreambox_3.14: fixed dm920 defconfig
meta-games: bump srcrev
opendreambox-archive-keyring: use local copy of license
enigma2-defaultservices: use local copy of license
Makefile: dont modify CONFDEPS stamp files unless required
enigma2-plugins-po: inherit gettext
meta-games: fixed libsdl compile
gstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: add dm920 support
bcmdriver: add checksums for dm920
linux-dreambox-3.14: update to 6fa88d2001194cbff63ad94cb713b6cd5ea02739
recovery: add dm920 to compatible machines, bump SRCREV
recovery-web: set srcrev and branch for dm920
recovery-ui-bin: set precompiled arch for dm920
libvc5driver: set precompiled arch for dm920
libnexus-ui: set precompiled arch for dm920
Makefile: add dm920
dm920.conf: machine configuration for DM920
bcmdriver: remove redundant COMPATIBLE_MACHINE specification
meta-games: bump rev
enigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
enigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox: bump SRCREV
enigma2: fixed arm 4.3.1r17 tarball... the old one was a re-packaged 4.3.1r16
update dm820 hardware drivers (fixed opengl)
enigma2: 4.3.1r17
enigma2: remove unneeded patches, add patches to show the ConfigSet help dialog in tuner configuration
enigma2: 4.3.1r16
enigma2-plugins-po: bump srcrev / use @opendreambox_srcrev
python-youtube-dl: bump rev
enigma2-plugins: assign description of CONTROL/control...
meta-games: follow upstream
enigma2: add 2nd patch to improve InfoBarServiceErrorPopupSupport
enigma2: fix patch filename
enimga2: add patch to fix stalled InfoBarStateInfos
update meta-games (fixes some build issues)
enigma2: 4.3.1r15
update upstream meta-games
enigma2: 4.3.1r14
enigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
enigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
python-youtube-dl: update to 2017.08.27.1
enigma2-plugins-po: bump srcrev
meta-games: bump srcrev
packagegroup-opendreambox-enigma2: add enigma2-plugin-extensions-retrogamestation-meta
add meta-games
enigma2-plugins-po: drop from enigma2-plugins and add discrete receipe based on the new dedicated enigma2-plugins-po git
gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: backport mpegtspacketizer changes (fixes hls playback)
dm52x: update dreambox hardware drivers
gstreamer1.0-plugins-good: fix use of uninitialized memory in udpsrc
enigma2: 4.3.1r13
python-youtube-dl: bump version to 2017.07.30.1
enigma2: small cosmetical fix
enigma2: update to 4.3.1r12
dreambox-dvb-modules: update dm52x hardware drivers
dreambox-dvb-modules: update dm900 hardware drivers
golang-plaincast: switch from com.dreambox to de.dreambox
gstreamer1.0-plugins-base: fixed strange gstreamer critical warnings on media playback with subtitles
enigma2: 4.3.1r11
Updated upstream Git repositories
enigma2: 4.3.1r10
enigma2-plugins: push srcrev
dreambox-dvb-modules: update dm900 hardware drivers
opendreambox.conf: set fixed known good SRCREV for golang-x components
meta-golang: fix branch
enigma2-hbbtv-plugin: push to 1.2r1
enigma2: small fix
dreambox-dvb-modules: update dm900 hardware drivers
enigma2: 4.3.1r9
libnexus-ui: rebuild for dm520 with pinmux patch applied
libdreamdvd: push srcrev
golang-plaincast: set needsRestart flag in meta xml
enigma2: dreamboxctl requires python-argparse and python-dbus
update dm900, dm7080, dm820 hardware drivers:
golang-plaincast: add missing xml...
python-youtube-dl: add python-json to RDEPENDS
golang-plaincast: move meta to own package, and add that to packagegroup-opendreambox-enigma2
golang-plaincast: fix rdepends, install plugin_plaincast.xml to meta dir to allow installation via UI
use golang 1.8 (for mipsel compat)
golang: add plaincast with dreambox-dbus (requires latest enigma2) patch and its requirements (gouuid and dbus)
add meta-golang
python-youtube-dl: bump version
Updated upstream Git repositories
.gitmodules: fetch bitbake from github
recovery-ui: bump SRCREV
enigma2-plugins: bump SRCREV
enigma2-plugin-extensions-partnerbox: bump SRCREV
enigma2-plugin-extensions-stalkerclient: bump SRCREV
enigma2-defaultservices: update
enigma2: fixed possible crash in manual scan
dreambox-dvb-modules: update dm7080, dm820, dm900 hardware
enigma2: 4.3.1r8

09 Nov 2017 (TSimage)

update enigma2-tspanel to 3.5-r12.0
update enigma2-skin-ts-metrixfhd to 1.0-r28.0