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2 Mar 2017
Tepkime puanı
30.05.18 Release Total Commander 9.20 beta 5 (32/64)

Added: Recognize .t7z extension as internal packer extension, show with archive icon (32/64)
Fixed: "Auto-rename copied" option not working properly when copying a file which can only be read as administrator (elevated) from a directory which can be read without admin rights (32/64)
Fixed: Drive selection dialog in search function, Plugin field picker in multi-rename tool: Disable minimize button when the parent dialog was maximized (64)
Fixed: Maximize, minimize, restore dialog -> dialog was no longer maximized: Custom Columns, FTP connection progress, Multi-rename tool, Plugin field picker, Print preview, Drive selection dialog, Configure file system/lister/content plugins (64)
Added: Decoding of MIME files where the name wasn't given -> use .txt extension for TEXT/PLAIN fields, and .htm for TEXT/HTML instead of .bin (32/64)
Fixed: Changed how the Drive selection dialog in the search function was minimized (32/64)
Fixed: Do not open 32-bit version when 64-bit version is already running and option "Allow only 1 copy of Total Commander at a time" was set (32)
Fixed: Disabled or removed some options like 'Everything' on older Windows versions when not available (32)
Fixed: crash when comma is used after cm_command with parameter, e.g. "cm_SrcByDateTime 1," -> detect it as an error (32/64)
Fixed: Change attributes: Don't show error for default date/time field placeholders, e.g. dd/mm/yyyy, when the user didn't change them (32/64)
Added: Support Unicode in names of saved searches when the wincmd.ini (or the redirected ini for [searches] section) is stored with Unicode UTF-16 (32/64)
Added: Changed all URLs to ghisler.com to https, e.g. when using the auto update check, or Help - Vistit Totalcmd's Web site (32/64)
Added: Internal 7zip unpacker: Open .t7z archives where the file name wasn't stored in the 7z file header, set name of file inside to archivename.tar (32/64)
Added: When going to the root of a drive or share, e.g. via Ctrl+< or "\" button, place cursor on the directory which was part of the path, e.g. go to root from c:\Windows\System32 -> put cursor on "Windows" (32/64)
Fixed: Rename with Shift+F6 or Shift+Click on F6 button (invoking cm_renmov): If a single file is selected, rename that file instead of the file under the cursor (32/64)
Fixed: Other windows didn't flash when clicking on their parent, e.g. in Lister, main settings while a dialog box was open etc. (32)
Fixed: Auto-update check: Do not show Update information while TC is minimized or in the background, to not interfere with installing a new version (32/64)
Fixed: Internal 7zip unpacker: Couldn't unpack .tar.7z archives where the file name wasn't stored in the 7z file header. Use base name from archive, e.g. test.tar.7z -> test.tar (32/64)
Fixed: Change attributes: Error dialog didn't correctly display invalid Unicode input in date/time fields (32/64)
Fixed: With option CtrlArrowOpenArchive=4, TC was still looking for packer plugins which could open the file (32/64)
Added: Shift+F7 new folder in target panel: Return to source panel when the user cancels the input of the new name (32/64)
Added: F7/Shift+F7 new folder: Show dialog box over the panel where the directory will be created (32/64)
Fixed: No smart screen warning was shown for files protected by Windows smart screen filter in Windows 10 Spring creators update (2018), worked fine in older versions (reason: flag SEE_MASK_FLAG_NO_UI) (32/64)
Added: F7 new folder/Shift+F4 new file: Include [f] option also in dropdown list (Alt+"+") (32/64)
Added: Pass parameter FORMAT_MESSAGE_IGNORE_INSERTS to FormatMessage for errors when starting a program fails (32/64)




19 Ağu 2015
Tepkime puanı

06.06.18 Release Total Commander 9.20 beta 6 (32/64)

Fixed: Couldn't create more archives of type .tar.plugin if files with that extension already existed, and "Create separate archives..." was checked (32/64)
Fixed: Auto-complete/Auto-append in Shift+F4: do not use auto-append here even if it's enabled by the user - only use auto-complete dropdown (32/64)
Fixed: Do not apply sort order from automatic view mode switch when using Search - Advanced - Find duplicate files - Feed to listbox (32/64)
Fixed: Update file/folder list in virtual folder "Computer" when a drive is removed (32/64)
Fixed: Launch programs/open files: Use GetLastError for FormatMessage error instead of error returned in hInstApp when showing launch error (32/64)
Fixed: Change Attributes dialog: Button placement wrong for right to left languages (32/64)
Fixed: Made Change Attributes dialog a bit larger to give more room for Russian and other languages (32/64)
Fixed: Decoding of MIME files: Detect multi-line names and named with different encodings, e.g. name*0*=UTF-8''part1 name*1*=part2.txt -> part1part2.txt (32/64)
Added: Option to show/hide speed info in background thread: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BackgroundSpeed=2 : 0=name, 1=speed when available, 2=alternating (32/64)
Added: Option to disable the centering of the F7/Shift+F7 dialog over the active panel: wincmd.ini [Configuration] NewFolderOverPanel=0 (32/64)
Fixed: F7/Shift+F7 dialog: Center dialog over top/bottom file panel when using vertical arrangement (32/64)
Fixed: Change attributes, "Load from file under cursor": Couldn't read attributes from file with access denied like c:\pagefile.sys (32/64)
Fixed: Automatic log rotation by date no longer worked (due to the fix for log files >4GB) (32/64)
Fixed: Multiple chained cm_xyz commands, e.g. cm_selectall,cm_copy on a button -> the last command was no longer executed (32/64)

tc920x32_64_b6.zip (7.16MB)

tc920x32_b6.zip (4.09MB)

tc920x64_b6.zip (4.78MB)